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Kitty Gilbertson

Classes taught: Puppy Class

Breeds: Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terrier     Meet Kitty's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):
UAG1, RN and CGC

Biography: I've been a member of EOC since 2000. After taking my first class I was hooked! This was not surprising since my love affair with dogs started at an early age. These kind of training opportunities were not available to me growing up, so I love to encourage people to take advantage of everything that's available today for them and their dogs.

Training Philosophy: The purpose of the Puppy Class is to introduce the handler (you) to training your puppy. And to introduce the puppy to learning. My goal is to make it fun for everyone. This class is purely positive reinforcement. The idea is to create an environment where the puppies can be successful. We address basic behavioral issues privately before and after class sessions, but class time is for learning and fun!

Deborah Wade

Classes taught: Puppy, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Rally Novice

Breeds: Poodles, Standards and Miniatures     Meet Deborah's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):
AKC: Obedience: CD; Rally: RE; Conformation: CH; Agility: NAP, NAC; Flyball Team Member
UKC: Obedience: U-CD
American Herding Dog Society: HCT-sheep

Awards: National Speciality Club Medallion for Agility, National Specialty Club Cup for Obedience

Club Service: member since 2000, past Club Secretary, Trial Secretary, Seminar Chairperson

Biography: Poodles were in my life before I was born, I trained my first poodle in obedience at 13 years of age, through 4H, and earning what was then a Grand Champion ribbon. During high school and college poodles were still part of my life, but not competitive training. I got back to training in the 90's when I started working with Rosie Baldwin. In order to start to compete, I found the Evansville Obedience Club. I am a CGC and STAR Puppy Evaluator. I am a past member of the Agility Club of Evansville. As an active member of the Evansville Kennel Club, I am Vice President, Seminar Chairperson, and Hospitality Chairperson for one of the largest dog shows held in the nation.

Training Philosophy: Be positive, be patient, be consistent.

Mimi Nicholson

Classes taught: Rally; Puppy, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Beginner Novice and Novice proofing; CGC and STAR Puppy certified

Breeds: Border Collies     Meet Mimi's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):
AKC: RAE2, CD, HT, CGC, Conformation - Championship pointed
UKC: URO1, UCDX, Conformation - UCH, U-GRCH
IABCA: International Honors Championships

Club Service: past Secretary, past President

Biography: Originally from St. Louis, MO with several stops before Evansville. I received my PhD in English from Purdue and for many years taught English composition, literature, and other subjects at the college level.  Had a state and federal grant for regional teacher training and development for the last 10 years before retirement.  Served on the Evansville-Vanderburgh County School Board for 24 years.  Was a Master Gardener until the weeds won.  Am now happily retired and spending time and money on my beloved border collies.

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Danetta Ohning

Classes taught: Beginner thru Advanced, Skill Building, Advanced Skill Building, Clicker, Tricks, Rally Novice and Rally Advanced

Breed: Poodles (Miniature and Standard), Pumi, and Chinese Crested. Have owned and trained many different breeds over the years.     Meet Danetta's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):
AKC: Obedience: CD one leg towards CDX; Rally: RA; Conformation: Champion
UKC: Conformation: Grand Champion; Obedience: UCD; Rally: URO1
Certificates: TDI, Advanced Trick Dog

Club Service: Held many offices and served on numerous committees for EOC. I am a past or present member of several National breed clubs and Leader of the Evansville 4-H Dog Club.

Awards: Several dogs nationally ranked. EOC Good Sportsmanship Award

Biography: During the 1970s I participated in a kid's summer training program with my Miniature Poodle in Wisconsin where I grew-up. We won obedience and tricks competition and I was hooked. My dad then bought me my first "show dog". A Standard Schnauzer that was fabulous. She was nationally ranked but more importantly taught me many things about life and training. Since then I have always had a dog that I was training/showing. I have had many, many breeds throughout my life. I love the diversity in dogs and enjoy the challenge of training a "non-obedience" breed. It is not the titles and the scores but the journey that keeps me hooked.

Training Philosophy: I grew-up in the days of "pop and jerk" training methods. Fortunately, those days are long gone as we have learned "you get more with honey". Today I use positive methods with "clicker" training as my base. I love the relationship that is created and the learning that is possible when training is based on positive reinforcements. I believe you can "click" your way to an awesome dog.

Debbie Yoder

Classes taught: Beginner 1 and Beginner Advanced, Skill Building

Breeds: Chinese Crested, Red & White Setter    

Titles (showing highest in each area):
AKC: Information pending
UKC: Information pending

Club Service: President, Chair of Trial Committee, Trial Secretary

Biography: Information Pending

Training Philosophy: Information pending


Margie Clutter

Classes taught: Rally, CGC, and through the years Puppy and Beginner classes

Breed: Border Collies, in the past Cavaliers, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherd, All Americans     Meet Margie's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):
AKC: CDX, Rally RAE, Rally Master, Herding Champion, Excellent Agility, Conformation Champion
NADAC Agility Versatility: Versatility NATCH (championship)

EOC – Performance Dog of the Year, Rally Dog of the Year
Border Collie Society of America – Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX) on 2 dogs for performance accomplishments of their offspring; also, multiple Versatility awards: V, VX, VCh

Club Service: I have hosted and judged several EOC Farm Dog Certification tests at my farm, and Trial Chair for EOC May agility trials

Biography: I have loved and trained dogs since I was a child, found a book “Dog Training for Kids” at age 8 or 9. About the same time, I saw a demonstration of Utility obedience at the county fair, and I was hooked on developing a relationship with amazing canines! I am a Registered Nurse, now retired, and raise sheep, ducks and Border Collies on my farm. I was one of the 4-H Dog Club leaders in Vanderburgh County for 11 years when my adopted son, Tony was involved. I continue to work with 4-H in several counties, and judge their dog shows. I am a licensed herding judge for AKC and AHBA. I have been a member of EOC for decades (interspersed with moving to California several times…) I am also a member of the Agility Club of Evansville, and teach classes for both clubs.

Training Philosophy: I primarily train using positive, reward-based techniques, but recognize that there is value in certain situations for use of any of the 4 quadrants of learning theory, so that defines me as a “balanced” trainer. I am very much into teaching students to learn to “speak dog,” understand what the dog is telling them, and develop a training partnership with their dogs.

Sheryl Froehle

Classes taught: Beginner One, Beginner Two, Intermediate

Breeds: German Shepherd, Sheltie     Meet Sheryl's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):

Awards: Blumenaur Award - multiple times

Club Service: Building Manager

Biography: (information pending)

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Mary Walker

Classes taught: Beginner and Advanced Beginner

Breeds: Poodles, Standard     Meet Mary's Dogs

Titles (showing highest in each area):


Biography: I have loved dogs all my life and have been obedience training my own dogs since 2006 when my husband and I brought home our first standard poodle puppy. We have since added and trained four more wonderful standard poodles over the years and are constantly amazed at the intelligence and eagerness of a dog to learn.

Obedience training helps provide a foundation in good pet manners, and it teaches the human so much more about communicating and building a good relationship with your dog. Training introduced my husband Jim and I to a great community of other dog lovers, and gave us the opportunity to spend time having fun with our dogs. We continue with obedience classes and have gone on to compete in Obedience, Rally Obedience and Agility.

Training Philosophy: Positive and relationship based training philosophy.