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A Visual Interpretation of the Tom Petty Song, 'Time to Get Going'

Time to Get Going

This composition is based upon the lyrics from the Tom Petty song. It visually describes the journey we all experience, when we feel that we must leave what we know and search for what we have not yet found. I searched for images to represent the emotional elements of the sense of searching, the passing of time and the desire for a place where we have love and fulfillment.

The style employs a high degree of surrealism which is common to Petty's videos. My response to my instructor's comment that it is a "busy" piece, is that I feel that adds to the sense of confusion. I may chose a sign or two to remove.

I used images of a road, road signs, grass, flowers, walls, a city, clocks, the LOVE sculpture in NYC and a dove. The ultimate stretch of reality is the hour glass running to keep up with time as it progresses from "here" to "Love Land".

I created this montage for my project in Digital Image Manipulation. It was created for educational purposes and is presented here to display my style and abilities with Photoshop.

copyright © Steve Stout 2011