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What is Crown Rock?

Crown Rock is my web development business.

Who am I?

I graduated from Indiana University, then from IU School of Optometry. I love challenges, learning and creating. In 2002 I discovered the challenges and rewards of creating websites. After taking online courses from Ivy Tech I earned a diploma in web design from the Art Insitute of Pittsburgh Online.

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In 2019 I moved to Colorado and now I'm pursuing web development full time after completing the Full Stack Bootcamp with Nucamp. I prefer Front End but I'm familiar with all aspects of MERN development.

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Why Crown Rock?

My given names are Steve and Alan.

Steven comes from Greek and means “Crown, Wreath, Honor”.

Alan comes from Celtic and may mean “Rock”.

The roots of my names, Steve Alan, can mean “Crown Rock”. Sounds good, and it has a sense of character, and durability.

Where have I been?

I love dogs and I bred Dobermans. In 2002 I needed a website to promote a new litter but I couldn't afford to hire someone. I bred for the breed, and money was to offset expenses. I've always had a "Can Do" attitude so I started researching what a website requires.

I found an app, 'Front Page', that was geared towards newbies with a drag and drop interface. Designing the site was fun, and I learned how to FTP to the server, putting my first site online in 2002. It was an OK way to get online but soon I became unhappy with the restrictions of that app.

In 2008 I took online classes to learn XHTML and CSS2. From that point I was 'hooked'. I fell in love with creating and manipulating web pages.

Then I spent the next 7 years taking classes, getting a diploma in web design. I built sites and I also took over maintenance of sites from webmasters who no longer wanted the job.

2016 was a great year for me because I discovered and learned Bootstrap. First I reinvented the Evansville Obedience Club site. Soon after I created a site for a client, Window Shopping Indiana. I then created his Facebook presence and most importantly his Google Business presence.

What am I doing?

Starting in 2010 I learned the majority of Adobe apps and I still frequently use Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Creative Cloud. That's allowed me to develop graphics and images for clients. I enjoy the creative aspects, yet I see coding to be the focus of my career future.

Today I am chasing my dreams of working in MERN development, graduating from Nucamp in July 2020 . I'm focused on Front End Development but understanding the Back End gives me a broader view of the entire project.

Boostrap Completion badge - Nucamp React Completion badge - Nucamp React Native Completion badge - Nucamp Node Express MongoDB Completion badge - Nucamp

My goal is to enjoy my work, while I produce web projects to meet standards, to exceed clients goals, and to be on the cutting edge of development. Personally, I want to contribute to society and to earn my place in a creative workforce.

Few, if any of us reach 100%.

We often use various resources to find information that isn't in our heads.

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