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I created this logo in 2012 for a UDC santioned club. UDC is devoted to the "total Doberman": Temperament, Structure, Health and Working Ability. I used a photo of a member's dog doing a retrieve over a high jump, cut out and manipulated with Photoshop. The Kentucky state image was traced and outlined with an irrregular stroke with Adobe Illustrator.

Personal Expressions



2014 - revised 2018
Trinity Graphic

I've always liked the image and symbolism of 3 interlocking rings. Very formal symmetry with all elements originally created in vector format with Illustrator. Gold rings on a blue gradient background to simulate daylight from above, framed with a border from Illustrator brushes.

Dark Door

Dark Door Bright Sky

An experiment with colors and blending, designed to keep the eye returning to the the dark "door" and whatever waits there. All elements originally created in vector format with Illustrator.

Student Work at Art Institute of Pittsburgh

From the Surreal and the Abstract, to the Scientific

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Time to Get Going

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Informal Symmetry

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The Human Eye

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