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I've created this page as a hub to various projects that I will be adding. Some will be modest and others will be ambitious. Please check back weekly as I continue to add content. Thanks!

Single Price Grid Component

Villa Francesca

I created this site for the first phase of Front End development in Nucamp. It is a Bootstrap site with very little JS. The next phase of Front End was React.js, and I'm currently working to change the entire site to React. Meanwhile this version has some placeholder images for those elements.


  • · Google maps - will appear in the footer component
  • · create apps for making reservations
  • · create app for placing online orders
  • · create app for gift cards
  • · refine width and padding in panel contents
  • · refine contact form
  • · refine colors on buttons & panels
  • · replace logo

Next Project Arriving May 29th