Current Clients

Window Shopping Evansville

Window Shopping Evansville Website

Launched July 2016

Build time: 3 months

Discovery, wireframes and mock-ups were concluded within one month. While Glenn was building his business with home shows and advertising through TV and radio, I did my best to get the URL, site built and hosted within 3 months from our first meeting.

We used Glenn's established style and branding, while working on optimizing SEO has kept me busy. I've spent a great deal of time in Google web developer tools and search console. My client's success is my success and I look forward to working with Glenn every step along the way.

Evansville Obedience Club

Evansville Obedience Club

Assumed Management June 2010

Redesigned 2012

Mobile Friendly version redesign 2017

Coincidentally, I joined Evansville Obedience Club in 2002, and later that year I created my first website, to promote my dogs. I took over the club's site in 2010. The color palate is based on the official club colors. Aside from the club's logo, I've created most of the graphics. This large site requires frequent updates for class schedules, trials, and other events and information.

Previous Clients

Knepp's Fun Fest

Working Dobermans of Kentucky

The most recent change I've made in my websites is adopting the Bootstrap framework, and customizing it to best meet my clients' needs. This is a great option for providing "mobile first" sites that look pixel perfect on every screen.

Most client's I've worked with have started with nothing and have had little to no website experience. I've provided them with support by:

  • Obtaining URLs
  • Providing Hosting
  • Routine Site Maintenance
  • Content Updates within 24 hours of request
  • Answering all their questions to their satisfaction

I do my best to treat my clients as I would want to be treated. My goal is to give you the best website possible to meet your style and your business goals. I'm happy to provide total care, and for clients who prefer more direct involvement I am glad to let them take as much control as they desire.

My First Client

Jessebae Dobermans

Launched Dec. 2002

Design updated 2009, 2011

Micah of JesseBae Dobermans

Like many a web designer I began my career by creating a site for himself. In 2002, I needed to find homes for the puppies that my Doberman, Rufina, had. For many, breeding is not a money making venture, it is a passion. So hiring someone to create a website wasn't financially feasible for me.

A friend helped me obtain my URL and hosting. I bought a Microsoft application, "Front Page", and borrowed an instruction manual from the library. Within a week or so I had the pages completed. Even 14 years later I remember how frustrating it was to get the site loaded to the server. But the satisfaction that came with successfully getting the site online was tremendous. It was a "true rush".

Later I became frustrated by the limitations of Front Page and decided to learn how to code. Solving puzzles has always been rewarding for me. When I could create a web page from scratch by writing HTML in Notepad, I knew I wanted a career in web design. I had found a type of work that was creative and more fun for me than optometry.

More Coming February 2019